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Sliding Open Top Container


User Friendly, Low M&R Cost & Easy Operation
The sliding open top has been developed by Boxjoin for saving M & R Cost and safe rapid loading and discharging of open top cargo. The roof bow ends are fitted with rollers and are located in a track on the inside of the top rail of the container.
The roof bows are held equidistant from each other by fixed length ropes and clips. After the TIR wire is removed, the tarpaulin is pulled back and the roof bows can be easily rolled back to the front and/or door end of the container.
For overheight loads, the roof bows can be removed from track by a slot at each end of the track and stowed against the inside front wall of the container on support bars.
Prototype sliding open top containers have been in service for 3 years and have shown savings on M&R costs of US$150-200 a year compared to standard open tops, primarily due to reduced damage to and loss of the roof bows and tarpaulin.
The sliding open top will be available for purchase or lease. The sliding open top is a patented design but production rights will be offered by Boxjoin to all container manufacturers. The roof bow ends and design drawings will be sold to manufacturers at a fixed price per roof bow so that the manufacturer can quote the purchaser for the complete container.
The purchaser will buy the container from the container manufacturer and/or from Boxjoin.
The sliding open top will be available for sale to shipping lines, inland-transport operators and leasing companies.
Except for the roof bow ends and track on the inside of the top rail, the specifications of a sliding open top, including the tarpaulin, are the same as a standard open top ensuring compatibility with the existing open top fleet of a purchaser.
Spare parts will be available from stockists in Asia, Europe and the USA.
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