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The Zenatek Tracking System (ZTS) introduces a new level of performance in tracking, monitoring and reporting on goods transported in containers. The ZTS solution provides security and confidence that goods will be delivered on time and in the promised conditions.
The system tracks location and other critical data by incorporating a small microprocessor, an electronic controller unit and the GPS satellite network. Sophisticated sensors precisely monitor environmental and security conditions. Unauthorised movements, temperature changes, opening of container doors or any tampering can be detected and reported from virtually anywhere on Earth. The ZTS solution captures and stores real-time monitoring data and transmits it worldwide over GSM mobile network communicating in over 200 countries and GSM equipped ships at sea.

With no cabling, external power or antennas, installing and uninstalling this small self contained device is easy and does not require specialised personnel.

Operation Mode
The ZTS enables asset tracking and monitoring via 2 user modes:
  • Scheduled position tracking
  • Special alert messages if anomalies are detected
 Scheduled Position tracking
The device is configured to communicate asset position and status information at pre-defined intervals (synchronised to a GPS clock), in compliance with clients requests.

Sensor Monitoring
Automatic alerts are generated if pre-defined thresholds are breached. Text messages report the type of breach and relevant details on the container. Details may include:
  • Device detachment
  • Container door opening
  • In refrigerated containers, detection of the internal temperature exceeding pre-defined range

The nominal operating life of the lithium batteries is about 3 months, depending on the frequency and amount of data transferred.

Zenatek Data Analysis
The ZTS system provides real time event data invaluable for enhancing efficient strategies in a very short time.

Corporate Operational Centre
Zenatek offers to each client the use of the Corporate Operational Center. Your unique account and password allows monitoring an entire fleet of containers. You pay only for SMS messages and a fee, depending on the service requested. Zenatek can also provide a customized turn-key Operational Center. Typically for enterprise level customers or those handling critical goods, this solution assures maintenance and future software upgrades. ZTS will help you negotiate more advantageous rates with your insurance partner. The ZTS solution aids your transport strategies, ensuring constant real-time monitoring and improving security of your goods while in transit, at a lower cost.

From anywhere in the world to your PC you can obtain
Container Location
Door opening alarm
Container tracking

Temperature alarm

With your PC you can:



The Devices technical core is based on a widely tested, patented and proven industrial
device produced by Magneti Marelli. The CTD (Container Tracking Device) is compact and specifically designed to work in harsh environments meeting IP 65 standards for heavy duty, weather proof and cost efficient battery usage. Employing GPS, the unit accurately determines position, estimated speed and direction of the asset being tracked. This information is combined with an array of data gathered via sophisticated sensors, stored and then transmitted to the data server center.

Thanks to integration with the latest RFID technology, the CTD can be easily used to memorise information and customs clearance documents safely.
It is compatible with a wide range of RFID modules for reading and writing (from USB connections to laptops and PDA), it is also possible to manage all clearance documents during loading of goods and on arrival of the like, without having to open he container.

  • self contained, disposable single unit (includes al electronics, antennas and battery power source)
  • Robust industrial design, impact resistant materials, powerful magnetic anchorage, standard IP65 weatherproof protection grade
  • Dimensions: 15.5 cm L x 8 cm W x 4.5 cm H
  • Operating temperature: from -20 ° C to +70 ° C
  • Humidity level: 100% RH
  • Storage: -40 ° C + 85 ° C
    • Weight: 500 gr
    • Positioning
  • Highly sensitive GPS receiver
    • Ultrafast acquisition time
    • GSM transmitter/receiver
  • EGSM standard (quad band) GSM 850/900/1800/1900 Mhz worldwide
  • Configurable profile for data exchange interval
    • Internal flash memory for storing messages in poor GSM coverage
    • Tamper sensor
  • Door Sensor: to know if the door has been opened or closed
    • Detachment: to know if the device has been detached from the container
    • Environmental Sensor
  • Temperature: senses and samples internal temperature with adjustable alarm thresholds
Communication Protocol Secure encrypted data transfer for maximum confidentiality and protection Power
  • sealed lithium battery
    • battery life: 3-6 months
    • Installation
  • Powerful magnetic anchorage
    • Quick positioning for initial setting
    • PDA
  • sealed lithium battery
  • battery life: 3-6 months
PDA PDA solid and practical for first set up and identification of container TAG RFID internal
  • UHF RFID -semipassive incorporated in device
  • Compatible with C1G2 EPC and ISO18000-6C standards
  • Memory size of 16 KByte to memorise customs clearance documents
  • Encrypted data stored in TAG memory
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