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High Security Bolt Seal NEW TSS-BS02

All kinds of ISO Containers, container trucks, doors
Tanker trucks, rail cars, etc.

1.5mm diameter cable with standard cable length 25cm, length available

Cable and locking mechanism tightly fixed together by locking points to provide a best security solution

Lock head dimensions: 25 mm X 20 mm X 6.3 mm

Aluminum alloy, free of plastic

Braided aircraft cable construction

Locking mechanisms: Zinc extrusion

Petroleum & Sunlight resistant

Pull tight locking mechanism, easy to place

Tensile strength: more than 300 kgf

Removable by cable cutters

Company logo and/or name, sequential number
Bar code is available


Blue, green, red, black
Customized colors are available


Standard Packaging: 1000pcs/carton

Carton Dimensions: 12.80" X 8.27" X 8.46" (32.5cm X 21cm X 21.5cm)

Carton Weight: Gross: 14 kg / Net: 13.5 kg


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