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Sliding Open Top Container 
Comparison Table


Sliding OT Container

Normal Open Top

Hard OT Container


Top Open & Closing 1. Semi-automatic
2. Opening & closing is possible from the ground
Roof bows (9 for 20ft/19 for 40ft) to be detached/attached one by one separately which causes inconvenience Extra lift equipment and ground space are required for roof open/closing
Working hours One person 2~3 minutes One person 20~30 minutes Fork-lift needed
10~20 minutes
Safety Very safe Very dangerous Safe
Maintenance & Repair Cost Mostly economic (about $250 less a year than normal open top, For 15 years use, total about $3,750 saving) – based on the shipping repair cost performance data Most Expensive Expensive
New manufacture price(based in 20ft 2011) $ 3800 $ 3500 $ 4100
Over height cargo loading All types loadable All types loadable Over High cargo not possible to load



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