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             B. J. CHUN
  Office Dir) +82-2-6274-1377
     Mobile) +82-10-6364-1377
Principle Career
   1981 Mar.
     Joined in CTI as Korea M & R Supervisor (Graduated University, Majored in Electrical Engineering)

     Joined as Asst. Factory MGR. of Gesong Development Company (Jindo Eunyang Container Manufacture Factory)

   1985 Apr.
     Joined as Asst. M & R MGR of Hanjin shipping

   1991 Nov. ~ 1995 May
     Logistics Team MGR, Hanjin shipping Europe Regional H/Q in Hamburg

   1995 Jun. ~ 2004 Sep
     EQ Management Team MGR (Vice President), Hanjin shipping Seoul H/O

     Korea Representative at ISO TC104 (Freight Containers) Primary Meeting

     KMCA (Korea Marine Container Association) the first Chairman
     COA (Container Owner Association) Member of the first Steering committee

   2004 Oct. ~ 2006 Feb.
     Logistics Team MGR (Vice President), Hanjin shipping Far East Regional H/Q

   2006 Mar. ~ 2008 July.
     V.P Marketing & Development, Hansil Industries

   2007 Oct.
     Director of the COA Korea Regional Branch

   2008 Jan
     BIC NRO for Korea

   2008 July
     Managing Director, BoxJoin Corporation

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